Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25.2010


We blessed a less active's home and gave a sister a blessing this week. I wore just a short sleeve shirt for like 2 days this last week. It was like high 50s low 60s.

So the high light of my week was on Friday had about 7 less actives in the southernmost part of our area so we chose to go contact all those members. The first address took us right next to SafeCo field (Mariners stadium) we walked up the block across from the field and realized we were on the wrong side of the street. We look across and all there was was SafeCo. We figured it was a wrong number but decided to check it out anyways. We walked into the team store and asked if a Richard Griffin worked there. They gave us a funny look and said he was the Mariners trainer! We were sent to the executive offices and the receptionist called him up. He was in a training session and was really busy. He said he hadn't had contact with missionaries in 20 years, but was sorry he missed us. We left a note with our number on it. As we were leaving the receptionist gave us a backpack. Its supposed to look like the back of a jersey and says Griffey on it with the number 24. WAY LEGIT!!!

After that we had to penetrate a coast guard base trying to find one of our less actives. That one was a little trickier. We couldnt get a hold ocouldn'tbut the experience was fun.
Its taken a little bit but Elder Bunton and I get along good now. We butted heads a lot before.

We're working on Robecca's car tonight so she can drive herself to church which will help alot. I'm trying to learn little phrases from her tribal language. Right now i know hello and goodbye. Elder Bunton is trying to learn chinese too. One of his investigators in his last areas gave him a book with a cd to learn it. And lets just say the garbage disposal is a good spot for it right now.

So heres the update on our less actives.
total members in our area: 428
active members in our area: 108
number of people weve contacted: somewhere around 75
how many more people to contact: who knows

Oh one of the less actives is bipolar/paranoid and the first time we met him I feared for my life. Another one of those satan experiences. But last night he was totally fine so we'll see what happens there.

Zone conference is this week. I'm way excited for that.

My new favorite scripture:
D&C 75:2-5

Elder JJ Merrell

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still in Queen Anne

January 18, 2010

I’m still in my same area. If you look up the Seattle 1st ward boundaries I cover Queen Anne and downtown all the way to the bottom of the boundaries. Elder Bunton is my new companion. He is from North Carolina. This is his third transfer. Were starting to tear it up. Were going through all the less actives in our area and seeing who even still lives there. We have between 300 and 400 hundred names. We go when we don’t have an appointment and need to fill time. We’ve found that about half of them have moved already.
We went tracting Saturday and ran into one of the less actives who we hadn’t gotten to yet. She invited us in. She grew up in the church but fell away after high school. She married a Catholic but hasn’t gone to his church either. They’ve talked about going back to church but she can’t imagine not going to our church. Pretty much a solid candidate for reactivation and a baptism.
We also contacted a potential investigator the first day of transfers. She is best friends with a less active who is her next door neighbor. He involved him in the lesson to see where he was at. He still knows the church is true he just forgot that he does. Were working on that one as well.
We got a call about a week and a half ago from one of our bishopric member's brother. He has a girlfriend that lives in downtown and wants to learn about the gospel. Issued the Bunton/Merrell Restoration-on date combo and she is now on date to be baptized February 6th.
We also issued that combo to another lady. She had been on date before but fell off because she broke the Law of Chastity. Anyways her only hang up is She takes in homeless people and helps them get back on their feet. But that is ironing itself out pretty nicely so we will hopefully have 2 baptisms this transfer. Our goal is 3 but we don’t know where the other one will come from yet. Trust in God and all that other good stuff. He always hooks us up.

I like hearing about stuff from home so keep it coming.

The mission is sweet. I’m not homesick at all so if anyone asks you can tell them that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Week # 5 - Queen Anne

My new years eve was way lame. We cleaned our apartment. You’d be impressed. It only took about 45 minutes. We tried to go tracking in the southernmost part of our area because our Ward Mission Leader told us that a former missionary had a new investigator every time he went down there. We went on an adventure and it turns out that there is nowhere for anyone to live down there. Either we were in the wrong place or that missionary was full of crap. We went tracking somewhere else to try to find some people and we found a few hung-over/drunk people. After about 15 minutes we realized that we weren’t supposed to track at all on new years day.
We found a former investigator yesterday. His name is Robert. He is homeless. He moved up here from California to find a job and hasn’t since he’s been here. He was hanging around another investigator in the same situation but after the other guy moved for a job we lost contact with him. We’ve spent a lot of time this transfer trying to find him.
There is also a recent convert who I should tell you about. His name is John. He lives on an old minesweeper ship. The boat used to be a crack boat so he got it for 5 grand. He spent pretty much the rest of the money he saved fixing it up and getting rid of the hypodermic needles. Anyways what he does is take homeless people in and helps them get back on their feet. Were trying to set something up with Robert and John so we can teach Robert easier. They’d get along great.