Thursday, November 26, 2009

JJ's Mission Week #2

Alright so heres a basic outline of what my day is

I wake up at 615 and have personal study til 8. Then breakfast. Class til 1. We practice teaching and how to become better at meeting people. Lunch is at 1 More class til 5. THen I study with my companion for an hour. We have meetings scattered thorughout the day.. We can also go to the referral center. This is where we can get on the computers and phones and call people or chat online with them about questions that they have. Dinner is at 6. We have devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday nights. We go on temple walks on sundays. We get an hour of gym 4 times a week.
My companions name is Elder Spencer. Hes from Delta Utah. The other elders going to Seattle with me are Elder Sumner and Elder Mosqueda. The other 6 elders in my district are going to New Zealand. Elder Ales is a really cool. Hes from Sacramento. ELder nipko is from Ogden Utah. Hes really fun. Elder Everett is our district leader. He's from Hawaii. Hes really quiet. My favorite is Elder Greening. Hes from New Zealand and is going back for his mission. He's about as tall as 1 am and about 215. I work out with him at night. Ive stayed the same weight but all my pants are getting looser. Whatever that means.
Kaitlyn and Chelsea are a big hit in the districts. Grandpa sent me some pictures from my farewell party. They want letters from them. The address is the same as me just change the name. There Elder Ales, Spencer, Mullen, and Nipko.
Write me. It gives me something to look forward to. I read them when i have some downtime.

Elder JJ Merrell

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week #1 - MTC


Its been a week already!!! It's amazing here. The food's alright as long as I eat the healthy stuff. I've never seen so much cereal before.

I went to the temple today. It was great. I love it there. The weather is awesome here. It snowed for a couple days last week but its all gone now. 4-square is pretty intense up here. Its like the thing to do during gym time.

Write me letters. Its what makes days up here. Everyone stands around while the letters are being handed out and it really sucks when you don't get one. Also, send some pictures up cuz i have hardly anything from home to show.

If you go to you can type up a letter and submit it and i get it the same day in letter form. Ask me anything you want, tell me whats going on with your life and ill tell you whats up with my mission.