Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week # 3 Queen Anne

So Robecca's son Jenyang got baptized on Saturday. I confirmed him in sacrament meeting. We don't have anyone to teach now. The entire zone has a lack of people to teach so that is our focus this week. We're going through all of our former investigators and trying to get at least one more before the year is up. We had a mission fast to reach that goal. We are trying to get 20 total lessons a week. We tried to do a church tour with that family twice, but both times fell through. The lessons that go toward that number are member present lessons, member lessons, and recent converts/less actives. The members up here are way helpful. Our ward mission leader thinks we're slacking because some former missionaries had a lot of success in areas that hadn't been tracted through before and they dried up the well so to speak. We're working hard though. I have to take a nap at break so I don't fall asleep at night.

It's really not that cold up here. I wore short sleeve shirts a lot actually. The rain isn't like it is in AZ. It's more of a drizzle. Like the clouds can't hold in any more water. Think of it like when you pull a washcloth out of the sink. I think its because we are so close to the water.

We play basketball every morning for exercise. It's pretty much a zone activity. It helps Elder Romrell and I have a better day.

We were talking to a ward missionary and he was telling us his story. He was less active for 13 years after his mission but turned his life around in August. He gave Elder Romrell and I advice to stay active:

1. Good Friends
2. At least a half an hour of the Book of Mormon a day
3. Daily Prayer
4. Go to church every week no matter where you are
5. Fulfill callings (home teaching, visiting teaching)

It applies to you guys at home too.

Hope everything is good with everyone.
Love Elder Merrell

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