Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 2nd

No real news this week. We had zone conference on Friday. They focused on going back to the fundamentals. It has helped immensely in the past few days.

We had our temple day today which is why p-day was on Tuesday. I put grandma and grandpa Merrell on the prayer roll. Which was odd cuz I didn't even know anything was wrong til this afternoon.

We haven't gone back to safeco field because the guy never called us but we have people falling out of the sky with the rain. We got a media referral (mormon.org) last week and were teaching her and it is way legit. She's already on date for March 6th. MacKenzie is on date for the 27th. Shes having some trouble with her mom. Her moms a devout catholic and doesn't know that Mackenzie is about to be baptized. So all our lessons are going towards that helping with that. Judi is still on date for the 20th right now. Her hold up is a guy she took in.

The Lord is blessing us left and right but its going to be awesome.
Thanks for the emails and letters and packages and stuff.

Elder JJ

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