Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 8th

We’ve had a lot of progress made with our less actives. Were meeting with 2 new ones this week. 2 of the less actives we’ve been visiting made some great bounds this week.
We met Hanna on Jan 2nd. She's been coming to church ever since. She quit drinking Jan 3rd. She told us yesterday that she’d quit smoking on Feb 4th. I’m impressed at how much progress she’s making. We’ve had a lot of very spiritual experiences with her since we’ve met her. Those aren’t for me to say though. She’s been great at fellowshipping other less actives and our investigators at church.
Craig was another less active that surprised us. He is from Taylor, AZ. We met him through his neighbor that we tracted into. His neighbor wasn't interested but we’ve been stopping by about once a week for the past month. We brought Bishop this last week with us to introduce Craig to him. Craig was very adamant about not coming to church. Then out of nowhere he showed up yesterday. My excitement was like that of baptizing someone and looking back at all the work that went into getting that person there. He didn’t know where the church was and had to look it up. He then took a cab to church. He wasn’t without excuses to not come. He stayed for all the classes. He won’t admit it but it think he liked it.
One of our less actives has a daughter that is into pokemon. She's 9 and isn’t baptized because her dad wont let her til she’s 12 and can make her own decision as an "adult". We played the pokemon card game with her a couple days ago. It took me back to my roots. She started trash talking and i might have gotten a little competitive and trashed talked back too. Anyway after an epic battle that took like an hour I came off conqueror.
I should probably stop working out so much. My suits are getting too loose in the pants and are too small in the shoulders. I’m doing fine right now but at some point in my mission i might have to get a new suit.
Elder Bunton and I bought a board game to help pass the time. Its very fun. Its kind of like risk but faster and more exciting. There are different characters with their own unique abilities and also powers to make up a lot of different combinations. Its helped make better companion unity when we don’t get too competitive.
I’ve almost muscled my way through Jesus the Christ. I started that when I got to the MTC and have about 200 pages left. It’s helped a lot to make sense of His mortal life.

Lots of love to everyone
Elder JJ

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